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My name is Gino Marín, I'm a Senior Fullstack Java Developer located in Costa Rica.
Let's take your business reach the 4th industrial revolution starting now. Pick the winning side now.

"There has never been a time of greater promise, or greater peril."
- Klaus Martin Schwab, World Economic Forum Chairman

Let your business be anywhere

The most common channel to the internet is through mobile devices. Allow your business to be more user friendly going mobile.

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Broad experience

As a polyglot developer, I have developed many applications in multiple programming languaes such as Java, C#, Swift, Xamarin, Javascript, Ruby, C++ or Python, and several other Markup Languages such as XML and HTML.

My prefered web frameworks are Spring Boot, ExpressJS and Rails.

Looking for microservices applications? No worries.
I have experience working with Netflix OSS for a higher scalability control and security.

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